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Tavia​ on t​he Move LLC

 Natural Healing


A little about me

Tavia Hines MA57911/ CL1199709

Owner/Operator of Tavia on the Move LLC, a mobile wellness company. I have been a Veteran of the Army since 2003. A Massage Therapist for 12 and a half years, Body Sculpting specialist for 8 years, Personal Trainer for 2 years, and Reiki Master for 18 months. My personal goal is to be a better person than I was yesterday. With every touch I relieve pain, stress, and aid in the general wellness of my clients. I focus on making every person love themselves inside and out. Think of me as a holistic mind and body healer. Energy healer and spiritual coach with a focus on helping others find inner peace and beauty through lifelong physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health maintenance.

I travels between Florida and Texas to teach one's body to love itself.

Energetic personality and confidence wows clients while my laser-like hands pin-point trigger points or smooths that stubborn body fat. I'm dual licensed in Cosmetology and Massage Therapy. A Reiki Master Energy Healer, Certified in Fat dissolving treatments, Certifications in Lymphatic Massage and Facials. 

 So, get treated from head to toe! 

 Call or Text: 321-360-2367 or 682-380-0789