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Tavia​ on t​he Move LLC

We Teach Your Body To love Itself


Your Natural Health and Facials

Having a facial can be a rewarding, pleasurable experience that can be much more than just a relaxation session. Maybe you are looking to target acne scars, visible signs of sun damage, or lines and wrinkles. Or it could be you are wanting to nourish sensitive skin, remove dead skin or gain a more youthful appearance. The fact is, facial treatments can address these problems and many others, and can be a wonderful way to refresh your skin and feel rejuvenated, inside and out.

Exfoliation is one of the most prevalent. This is the process of eliminating dead skin cells to reveal fresh skin. As a result, your skin will glow. With body wellness therapies, you can get that energy back. These therapies aim at pushing those necessary elements in our body to rejuvenate all that is lost. Another significant benefit of body treatments is that it brightens up your skin. As you grow old, you start losing the youthful traits in your skin. Wrinkles start appearing, and you start seeing sagging skin. Well, make-up can’t help you fix it all. But body and face treatments can

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